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fixed1t audio file recovery service



all of us are using more and more digital audio recorders to record music, conversations, conferences, podcasts to name but a few. we've also transferred our treasured analogue tape to digital format.

in the old days of tape machines, if there was a problem with a part of the recording you could literally cut it out and glue the bits back together so only the damaged section was lost.

but as an increasing number of people are discovering if there is digital damage or processing damaged to a digital file, then it effects not only the few seconds, but the whole file can corrupted making it unusable and the entire recording can be lost.

luckily, fixed1t has the tools, knowledge and experience to recover that which can be saved and if it can't be fixed then for agreed jobs there is no charge. for others i operate a amazon products with most 5 star reviewsscheme, when work is done and you decide how valuable the service has been and how much time, effort and angst you would have gone through trying to recover the file, and make a simple donation. in doing this i put trust in you.

if its a large job then we can agree a set rate. so if you have a damaged digital audio file that refuses to open, or a digital recording of an old tape you would like enhancing then email:


no job is too small.

if fixed1t has fixed1t your file under amazon products with most 5 star reviewsthe you can donate using the paypal add to cart button below, feel free to make as many donations as you feel appropriate.

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