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If you are here then you have been helped by one of my fixed1t YouTube tutorial videosand you are interested in purchasing some of the fixed1t tried and tested items on eBay thank you for clicking on this page. The number of items listed on this page will grow steadily so please link to the page and come back and check often. Purchasing items from eBay can save you a lot of money.

Items Used In fixed1t Videos Available On eBay

Item 1: USB 3 ethernet adapter

In my fixed1t YouTube video "#iPad WiFi Greyed Out Network Access Fix Part 1 #fixed1tAPPLEIOStip" I highlighted a problem of the WiFi Intermittently switching of the staying off. The only fix for this is an expensive hardware repair. However, I have worked out a simple and effective workaround using some readily available parts. To keep down costs I have listed the parts available on ebay below:

USB 3 To Ethernet Adapter

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